Next Steps

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Sunday Mornings (10am, 910 Bridgewater Ave.)
One of the best ways to connect with Valley Vineyard is to attend our Sunday
morning service. It is a real and relational way to discover Jesus and grow in
your faith!

Our service is informal but exciting, with engaging contemporary worship and
service dedicated to leading you in a growing relationship with Jesus. We have a
fantastic Kid’s Ministry, amazing teaching, and are committed to being a church
family for your family! There’s no dress code, so come as you are!

Vineyard Kids
Here at the Valley Vineyard we really value our children! We are committed to our
children developing a genuine relationship with God. This starts with a safe,
welcoming environment where kids not only learn, but have fun.

We feel it is important to teach age appropriate lessons from the Bible. We do
this through stories, discussion time, crafts and Bible games. We love being able
to watch our kids grow in faith and cultivate relationships made with one
another. Our children’s church meets through out our worship service. Come
and check us out!

In the Vineyard, we have a saying that “everyone gets to play.” This is also true
of our children. Our children are welcome to participate in any and all activities
we do at the Vineyard. Some of these activities include outreaches, praying for
each other, and serving.

Our Vineyard Kids range in ages Pre-School to 5th Grade. We also have Nursery
as well. Our belief is children of all ages should experience Jesus at their level.
We are so grateful for the gift of children!

Vineyard Students
Each week is packed full of exciting games, powerful worship and an interesting
message or study from God’s Word. Anyone 6th through 12th grade can attend.
Youth group meets every Wednesday, during the school year, from 6:30 pm to 8

We want the youth to personally connect with Jesus in a real way. We are
committed to the understanding that young people are an integral part of the
community of faith and that they are in every sense, “the church of today”. Our
heart is to see the young people in the Vineyard functioning in the call of God on
their lives and the participating in the things of the Kingdom, growing in this
journey with God.

Vineyard Students welcome all youth no matter where they are at in their life
journey. Our desire is to see the youth of our community transformed by God in
a real way. We are very blessed to be involved in the lives of our youth!

Growth Groups
You weren’t designed navigate through life on your own. God created each of us
to be in genuine community with others—and life transformation happens best
when people in our lives encourage, sharpen, and challenge us to become more
like Christ. Connecting in community is a huge part of what we do at Valley
Vineyard and we have different ways to get connected.

A growth group is a group of people who meet on a regular basis to share life
and grow in their faith together. Groups are formed around a life stage, a topic,
where you work, an activity, or common interest. Being part of a growth group is
the best way to build rich friendships, experience genuine community, and grow
in your faith.

If you have been attending for awhile or new to our church, Alpha is a great next
step to connect into our church community. This series is a great way to grow in
your faith and connect with other people.

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the
Christian faith. No pressure. No follow up. No charge. Alpha really is for anyone
who’s curious or wants to learn more about Jesus. The talks are designed to
encourage debate and explore the basics of the Christian faith in a friendly,
honest and informal environment.