Our Story & Hope

The Story of Valley Vineyard
In 2005, the Houle family moved to Chippewa Falls to plant Valley Vineyard Church. After getting to know the community and starting in their home as a Bible Study, they move to the Higher Grounds Coffeehouse briefly and then they moved to the Heyde Center for the Arts in 2006. In 2011, the church moved to  the 910 Bridgewater location which at the time was an old racquetball and health club which had been abandoned for over 7 years.

In the Fall of 2015, Michael received a phone call that the church building was on fire. The building was completely destroyed by the electrical fire. The church was blessed by the community and the school district who opened the High School for our services. We entered our new building in the Fall of 2016. We are so blessed to have this new facility to live out our mission and vision of loving our community by “Reaching Up to God and Out to Others”. We are very excited to see how God continues to grow our church community.

Our Family
We are glad to be part of the Vineyard family of churches. There are over 600 Vineyard churches in the US and over 2,400 in 95 countries of the world.

Click here for more on the history of the Vineyard Movement past and present & for more on the distinctives of the Vineyard Movement check out the Vineyard USA website.

Our Hope
On one level our hopes are pretty basic: We want God’s Kingdom to come here–in our lives and in our town/region–as it already has in heaven. Only God can initiate this reality, but we can participate in what He is doing. At Valley Vineyard we find that it’s helpful to think about our participation in God’s mission by thinking in terms of the Great Commandment–love God with everything and love our neighbors as ourselves. In short, we hope we can be a community that demonstrates the goodness of God’s Kingdom by reaching up to God and reaching out others.

Reaching Up:
Everything starts with God. Through Jesus, God reached down so that we could  reach up and encounter the God who formed us and formed all creation. At Valley Vineyard we hope that everyone who comes through our doors on a Sunday morning or attends a small group or an outreach senses the presence of God and has a chance to either enter into a relationship with Him or deepen the relationship they already have. God invites us all to know him intimately as our savior and as our friend. We don’t want anyone to miss out on this opportunity!

Reaching Out:
Christ in us gives us hope that we can then take to our neighbors. We hope that our neighbors sense love and a taste of the Kingdom of God in us. We hope we never get tired of looking and working for the in-breaking of the Kingdom of God in our world. What does this look like? It looks like the goodness of God flowing into our lives and reconciling us with Him and with each other. It looks like God’s beauty, truth, and goodness becoming more and more recognizable in our town. It looks like art. It looks like humility. It looks like healing. It looks like joy. It looks like freedom, forgiveness, and faithfulness. It looks like the cross and the empty tomb.